Saturday 5th August: Perth

I’ve completed the final item purchases necessary for my trek, namely gifts and a small camera. This has been not a little expensive.

The camera is perhaps not strictly needed, since I have my Nexus 6p (which has a pretty damn good camera) but the Canon Ixus I bought has optical zoom and some minor features which the phone does not. In any case the camera is less cumbersome to use, and lessens the possibility of some deadshit seeing my phone and attempting to nick it, which would be a disaster; losing the camera would not.

However, of course there is a snag, and that is the fuckers at JBHIFI assumed that I had a data cable, which I do not, at least of this type. so I have to buy that separate. There’s no wifi transfer on this model of Ixus. And of course they don’t sell you the bloody cable with the camera, which they always used to. Nice business model you got there, assholes. I see what you’re doing.

The punchline is that I do have one of these types of cables – I just have no idea where. Up until relatively recently I had a little tupperware box for all my weird USB cables, but one night I decided to reorganise them – which is code for lose them forever. Searched everywhere. Gone.

There’s always gonna be fuckups, but in this case I’m happy for them to be small fuckups rather than something involving my travelex card and banking. Touch wood, but I seemed to have sorted the travel money situation out pretty neatly, a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

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