Travel and the Hidden Variable

Travelling always brought me a weird joy as a younger guy, but after years of touring around bumfuck Australia with bands as an audio engineer, the shine wore off.

But now I’m feeling a mix of trepidation – because I’m sure I’ve forgotten something important – and elation. It is a strange melange of sense-impression.moon05

I am travelling right around the planet, back to the place where I figured out who and what I am. Things could get weird. I sure hope they do.


I hear a lost shadow mutter something about a magickal rite of invocation and entering a new universe via a ritual transformation of the outer world corresponding to the inner.

What a fucking load of old cobblers. Travel changes you because it shocks the physical and cognitive systems. It can be fun. It can be good for you.

And humans evolved to travel, it was an adaptation for survival.

Enough horseshit. Here’s a tune:

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