This is all really weird. Much of the sights I’ve seen of London so far, chiefly around Heathrow area, are either very unfamiliar or totally the same as they were when I was a teenager. There is a jarring switch between old and new. Cute houses, quaint business signs, lack of the visual pollution in advertising seen in Australia (often from small business) and some quite ancient elements, such as post boxes from the sixties, etc.

However, there are also reminders of the hideously bleak architecture of the post war years that looks like something out of dystopia; check out this apartment complex. It’s near or surrounding the Ashford Hospital.

EDIT: Strike that. Amazing, but Manny, my landlord, says this eyesore is less than a year old. Fuuuuuuuck.

bleakflatsIt is utterly devoid of life or character.

It is like a place Kafka’s Josef K. might live … or jump out of a fucking window.

Really very creepy and bleak in real life.

It’s opposite the Tesco store, in which I had an interesting adventure…

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