Tesco and Value Disparity

As soon as I dropped off my stuff at the flat and changed clothes, I wandered around the local area somewhat in a daze, trying to make everything straight in my head. I knew two things from prior google scouting: there is a nearby pub and a large Tesco store.

So, Tesco was weird. Listen, all supermarkets are basically the same. Tesco is more or less identical to Woolworths, albeit the latter slightly classier .. maybe. But when you have something quite familiar and a layout much the same, but with slightly variant product packaging and brands, it creates this disconnect, a dissonance. The same thing happened to me shopping in Australian supermarkets right after coming back from the UK. Culture shock. I was wandering up and down the same aisle, unable to make the decision to choose and buy a product, or more like I had snow blindness. The brain is a pitiful and easily confused blancmange.

The other surprise is how cheap, relative to the exchange rate, many food products are in the UK right now. Food quality also seems to have improved here. Cheese is ridiculously cheap, for example.
Cheap Cheese

This is certainly good for people who are on low carb diets like Keto.

I think I got a few funny looks cackling at Tesco Beer. Tesco Lager

I mean, holy fuck, are you brave enough to try this brew? I imagine Castlemaine XXXX is vastly superior.

On the other hand, I smiled to see the alcoholic cheapskate’s favourite:
Special Brew

On that note, what about the pub, I hear you cry? Well, it is a Harvester. That is, a franchise that has bought out a lot of older classic British pubs and turned them into a kind of bar and eatery, with a buffet and meal selections, along with appalling coin operated entertainment machines and wank. No atmosphere to speak of, even though this pub, the Bulldog, was once a respectable brewery outlet of its own right. Not a very good selection of beers, either. But, if you like warm ale and generic Stella Artois along with decent roast meals and buffet salads, this could be for you. I can see I am really going to have to go on a proper pub visitation in the near future. By which I mean actual pubs, not soulless franchised money laundering operations.

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