The South Bank Lion

The South Bank Lion

I have never understood what is up with the South Bank Lion. His expression is … risible. This is not a naturalistic sculpture. I have never seen a lion with a face like this. His proportions are also wrong. He seems to be a caricature, and perhaps he was meant to be as it originally fronted a Lambeth brewery. I think he looks a bit dim, but we’re all fond of him, just the same.

The London Eye

London Eye


Here is the aforementioned London Eye, which is an hideous abomination that should be demolished.

Naturally, it is the most popular commercial tourist attraction in Britain, because people are pitifully stupid and deserve only contempt.

I hear that it is pretty at night. So are explosions.

Boadicea and Her Daughters

This is the amazing statue at Westminster, dominating the bridge. Only marred by the shitty, pernicious London Eye behind it as you look back across the Thames. Historically there are many things wrong with this sculpture, not least its location, but it is one of the greatest works to see in person.

If you don’t know who Boudica was, well, there’s a link.

Boadicea and her Daughters