Camden Markets

Camden Bridge Elephant's Head

No real way to be sure that the jacket I bought Rhi will actually fit her. I have my doubts.

A Moment of Dog

I found this dog in a shop simply contemplating its reflection. It was standing there motionless for several minutes. I’m sure it would have remained in this position if I had not distracted it with a pat and a few kind words.

Camden 2

Camden 3

A Quick Zip Thru the Nat Gal with a Pal

Spent the day laughing, quickly visited the National Gallery. Will return and spend more time in this treasure trove but here’s a sample.

I always used to visit this enigmatic Mannerist piece when at the Nat Gal, not least because of the Python Foot at bottom left. Yes, that is where Gilliam got the foot that represents Monty Python – it is Cupid’s! The music plays in my head … and this is a bizarre painting.

Claude's Delos Constable Haywain Constable Cornfield Cezanne Bathers Leighton Cimabue Madonna Humour Mosaic

These photos are of an unacceptably poor quality. I shall go back for a day rather than a rushed hour and take proper ones with my Nexus. I should have borrowed Matt’s camera – issues of theft are practically non-existent.

In particular, Van Gogh’s paintings are incredible in real life. One forgets how preternaturally wonderful the colours are. No print or picture does justice to them, the man was a genius.