Star Wars Identities Exhibition

Star Wars Exhibition Entry 2017

Star Wars Identities exhibition at London’s O2. Here is a dump of shitloads of pictures.

Threepio Closeup

The starship models were fantastic.

Star Wars Alien Concept Sketches '76 Star Wars Alien Design Sketch
Star Wars Hammerhead Design Sketch '76 Star Wars Alien Designs '76

Early Luke Designs

Original Luke Concept Sketches. The character at this point (’74-’75?) was going to be a girl.

Ralph McQuarrie R2 & 3P0 Concept

Ralph McQuarrie‘s iconic original concept for R2D2 & C3P0. The latter was clearly based on the robot from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis

Classic Stormtrooper

Stormtrooper Helmets  Stormtrooper Helmet

ESB E11 Blaster


First Order Trooper

Boba Fett  Jawa Costume and Blaster

Tusken Raider BB8

RA-7 protocol droid RA-7 protocol droid closeup

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