Avebury Stones

Avebury is a neolithic stone circle site that is or was the largest known in Europe and the world. It is in Wiltshire, UK.

Avebury Stones

Unfortunately a significant part of the stone monuments were removed or vandalised in antiquity, mostly at the behest of the Christian ideologues, due to the site’s pagan nature, but archaeological surveys make clear the magnitude of the site even without above ground evidence.

Even in the old days, however, there were some who worked to sustain and preserve what was left, and today the village of Avebury is both a beautiful English village and the site of a prehistoric heritage site that meant something profound to our ancestors – and still does to some of us.

Avebury Stones

Avebury Stones Avebury Stones

Avebury Henge Stone
Avebury Village from the earth bank Avebury view towards earthworks

The remaining stones are enormous and dwarf human stature. Most of these blocks were deposited in the area during ancient glaciation, but early inhabitants deliberately arranged and erected these massive stones in specific geometric patterns for purposes we can only conjecture. The stone circles of Avebury and associated sites were the largest (known) in Europe and thus the world, since no one built any such sites anywhere else. This site is actually much larger than Stonehenge, and in its pristine state would be far more impressive and worthy of note.

Avebury Site view

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